Vang Vieng Kayaking

Every time I go to a new city, I try to take in at least one new activity (or revisit an old favorite) that I normally wouldn’t do in my day to day life

In Vang Vieng, the answer would normally be obvious. TUBING!

But, due to the low number of tourists during LOW season the tubing scene was absent (and let’s be honest, my total unwillingness to participate even if it was rocking.. lame what a day job can do to you!).

And I really wanted to kayak through some of the magnificent scenery I had glimpsed.

Vang Vieng Laos

The dark gloomy morning and the mist rising through the hills was almost otherworldy, when myself and my PRIVATE guide (lucky me!) set out at 8am.

The river was completely silent, aside from the tiny raindrops that started a pitter patter when we were about halfway through the journey. I saw buffalo, little boys playing in the river, and men fishing together. I had so much time for quiet reflection, and could truly appreciate the beauty around me, in a way that I would not, had there been a bunch of other kayakers (or for gods sake, TUBERS!)


Nearing the end, we stopped the kayak and got out for a tour of some caves.There was a beautiful blue pool, where the clean water flowed out from under the caves.

Vang Vieng Laos

Inside the caves, it was completely dark, and completely silent aside from the drip drop of water condensing and falling onto the floor, and a lone Japanese tourist who had forgotten a flashlight joined us.

Vang Vieng Laos
You can see here, where the clean blue water from the caves meets the muddy rainwater of the river

Name of Tour
Kayaking and Cave Tour

10 USD for what ended up being a PRIVATE tour with my own guide, as no one else booked!

Where to Book
Any of the tour operators or guest houses can set this up for you

Would I do It Again?


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