4 Months Into Brazil

I’ve been pretty quiet lately.

Actually that’s a total understatement. I’ve been silent.

Things have been pretty busy “in the real world” and I’ve been contemplating either shutting down my blog, or doing a major revamp, overhaul, and dedicating myself.

I’m going with the second.

In two weeks, I will have completed my position at work (my last day is March 15 – I put in my notice in January), and I will have more freedom to dedicate to the parts of my life that are so important to me but that I have been neglecting. Such as – writing and traveling.

I’ll write a more thorough post later, but a sneak peek into the highlights of my last 4 months into Brazil have included:
-Studying Portuguese
-Volunteering with Casa Do Caminhoes now three days a week – teaching one on one English lessons and assisting with -group classes for children from a nearby favela
-Trying desperately to find a decent Mexican, Arabic, or Indian restaurant (and failing badly)
-Enjoying our ocean view, amazing sunrises and a little pool on our own “private” porch
-Soaking up the sun on the beaches of Rio
-Experiencing the wonders of Carnaval

White Carnaval Sambodrome Rio 2015

photo credit: Tania Thorngreen


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