I’m 26, currently living in the phenomenal city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m studying Portuguese, volunteering with an amazing organization (teaching English to adults, and teaching life and school skills to children from a neighboring favela), and enjoying the slow-paced life and beautiful surroundings… while sneaking in some travel here and there.

2015 new countries visited:
Israel (upcoming)
2014 new countries visited:
2013 countries visited:
Puerto Rico

My life wasn’t always like this. In 2011, I graduated from Central Michigan University with degrees in Psychology and Religion. A few months later, I jumped into a career at a great company with a position that was interesting and a boss that listened to me. I also worked part time as a fitness instructor. I had a pretty apartment, nice Jeep, good friends, too many clothes, and could buy whatever I wanted. I was working at least 60 hours a week, and didn’t know why. I was content, but I never realized I wasn’t happy until I came to Thailand.

The night before I was to fly home, I quit my job, emailed my family, and got on a night train to Ko Tao. I was terrified, exhilarated, and felt like I was dreaming constantly.

Your life belongs only to you. Getting trapped by the notion that there is only one way to live, the ‘right way’, is the most harmful illusion we can partake in. There are a million ways to make money. You should work to live, not live to work. Choose happiness. Prioritize joy. Make the leap.


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